Generate, store, and manage clean, affordable solar energy on your terms. With Nexerium Nextbox, your Brilliant Home™ comes full circle. Nextbox is more than just solar battery storage—it’s a holistic service that puts the power in your hands. We only partner with the top-notch innovators like LG Chem, a world leader in lithium-ion technology, so you’re backed by the highest quality products available. Nextbox™ is currently available to new Nexerium solar customers only.

Clean Backup for the Next Blackout

Over the last 15 years, power outages across the U.S. have been getting worse.1 An out-of-date grid infrastructure can’t keep up with our increasingly plugged-in society.2 While generators offer a temporary solution in the face of a blackout, they’re dirty, noisy, and at worst dangerous.3 The good news? We’re here to make energy independence safe, simple and hassle-free.

Power through blackouts with a clean, reliable solar battery that puts you in control. You can choose what and how much you want to backup in case of an outage.

Maximize Your Solar Savings

With electricity rates increasing over the last 10 years,4 going solar just makes financial sense. So if you’re thinking about joining the bright side, why not set yourself up for success? With Nextbox, Nexerium also intelligently and remotely optimizes your battery to maximize savings.

Depending on your neighborhood’s electricity rate structure, Nextbox can offset energy costs when electricity rates are at their peak. And in a blackout, your Nextbox offers a sustainable source of energy so you don’t have to spend on unruly and expensive generators. Maximum savings? We’ll take that any day.

Why the LG Chem Battery: Proven Energy Technology

Why the LG Chem Battery: Proven Energy Technology

LG Chem’s battery technology is among the most proven and reliable in the world. LG Chem batteries are used by leading brands like Apple and Volvo for everything from cell phones to electric cars. It is also safety rated for both indoor and outdoor installation. This makes it the perfect battery for rooftop solar systems allowing for fast and efficient installations.

Self-Powered home. Just add NextBox.

NextBox integrates with solar to store excess energy generated during the day and makes it available when you need it, minimizing reliance on your utility.


Stores solar energy which can power critical parts of your home during power outages


Save money by using stored solar power to offset peak energy rates


Every LG Chem battery comes with a 10-year warranty backed by LG

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to do any setup or maintenance to Nextbox?

Most residential batteries are installed and configured with baseline settings by your solar provider. Batteries last anywhere between 10 and 15 years, and manufacturers typically offer a 10-year warranty. Still, Nextbox is more than battery storage; it’s a holistic service that includes professional maintenance and monitoring for 20 years: two actions which may prolong your battery unit’s life.

Is my Nextbox battery an IoT (internet of things) device?

While Nextbox requires an Internet or cellular connection to monitor your energy storage and usage efficiently, it can still operate without it. If for some reason Nextbox happens to go offline, you can resume your usage tracking when your internet connection is back to normal.

How much storage does my home need?

Just like solar panels, the size of your Nextbox Solar Battery Storage Service is determined by your unique energy needs and habits. Factors such as the amount of electricity you use at home and the devices and appliances you want to back up will play a key role when selecting the right battery option for you.

Will my Nextbox battery allow me to go off grid?

Nextbox stores energy to provide reliable backup when the sun isn’t shining or in the event of an outage. However, one Nextbox battery can’t store enough power to supply your home’s entire electricity consumption for more than 10+ hours, which is why you have to stay connected to the electric grid.

Where will my Nextbox battery be placed?

The installation of Nextbox is a relatively simple process. It’s about the size of a water heater, and the system is mounted on a wall, usually inside your garage or outside of your home.

Do I need solar panels to use Nextbox?

While some battery units allow you to store electricity directly from the grid; with Nextbox Solar Battery Storage Service, the energy is harnessed entirely from the sun. Meaning it’s 100% clean, renewable and free of charge, so you don’t have to pay your utility for the extra power to charge your battery.

How does Nextbox work?

Nextbox allows you to store the electricity your solar system produces during the day and use it when you need it most. Like in the evening, at night, or when the electric grid fails due to an extreme weather event or physical damage to the equipment.

What are the benefits of NextBox?

Nextbox Solar Battery Storage System saves you money on utility bills, protects your home from power outages, and also reduces your carbon footprint by supporting the production of clean, renewable energy.

What is Nextbox?

Nextbox is a holistic battery storage service that offers you clean, safe, reliable backup power to have better control over your home energy use and the cost you pay for it.

Make your home a Brilliant Home with Nexerium NextBox™

Now is the time to get solar savings and lower your energy bill. There’s a reason solar energy companies are so hot right now. Imagine locking in low electricity rates for the next 20 years. Sounds pretty great, right? No wonder the world will add 70,000 solar panels every hour in the next 5 years. That means tens of millions of happy, money-saving, tree-hugging (well, not really) customers benefiting from lower bills and lifetime support. Together, we’re creating a planet run by the sun. Now’s the time to go solar and save!
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