Maximum Savings and Full Peace of Mind

Offset 90% or more of your monthly energy bill, and lock yourself in for 20 years of worry-free electricity with just one upfront payment.

Guaranteed Performance and Professional Maintenance Comes Standard

NextSave Prepaid comes with a standard 95%1 system performance guarantee. Rain or shine, we guarantee your energy production for savings you can count on.

Once you make the switch to solar, we install the panels, maintain your system, and provide 24/7 system monitoring. We also insure your roof and guarantee that it will stay watertight for 10 years.

Get The Tax Benefits of Solar…and Get Them Today

Retired? Don’t pay enough taxes to benefit from solar credits? Don’t want to wait until tax season to get your solar tax benefits, or to hire an accountant to figure it out? No problem.

NextSave Prepaid gives you low up-front pricing that includes the benefits of solar tax credits. No filing forms with the IRS required. No questions about how much money is deductible. That’s a win-win.

$4,000 income + $0 energy bill for 20 years

The average Iranian homeowner is expected to earn over $4,000 by selling extra electricity to grid and zero to pay in energy bills over the next 20 years. Go solar with Nexerium and protect yourself from rising energy costs today.

For a free quote on a NextSave prepaid system of your own, or for more information on going solar, contact us today.

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Now is the time to get solar savings and lower your energy bill. There’s a reason solar energy companies are so hot right now. Imagine locking in low electricity rates for the next 20 years. Sounds pretty great, right? No wonder the world will add 70,000 solar panels every hour in the next 5 years. That means tens of millions of happy, money-saving, tree-hugging (well, not really) customers benefiting from lower bills and lifetime support. Together, we’re creating a planet run by the sun. Now’s the time to go solar and save!
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